Workout Plans For Women on the Go: The Skinny on Travel Sized Fitness

Travel Sized Fitness

By: Tifanee Thompson

In a perfect world, we would have the chance to spend 2 hours at the gym working on our fitness but this is no fairy tale. For the past two weeks, I have been travelling to Chicago for work. When I received my assignment, the first thing that popped in my head was “how will I keep up with my fitness routine now?!” After the worry subsided, in true Tiffanee fashion, I made a plan.
I’ve traveled for work before and knew that the combination of moving through time zones and long hours would exhaust me to no end, so I knew I had to do a little research in order to stay on track and motivated to reach my fitness goals. Some of my “fitness alternatives” came in handy this week when my hotel’s gym was under construction and unavailable to me. I saw a great opportunity to think outside the box and fight away excuses.
Everyone’s major concern is what to eat and what workouts to do. My answer to that comes in three parts: Fitness routine apps, meal plan trackers and motivational fitness gurus! These three components gave me the perfect mix of guidance to manage my adjusted fitness regime.

Now… to the Apps of Your Dreams!


Nike Training Club:

This app puts the emphasis on having a toned and lean body while incorporating some traditional cardio moves. The details include a great display of each fitness routine along with a timer to get the maximum outcome from each repetition. Each routine is developed around your personal fitness level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The workouts are timed from 15 – 45 minutes. My tip here is to split up your workouts; 15 minutes before leaving your hotel and 15-30 minutes when you come home after work. Every little bit counts!



Write it down! Trust me it helps! I find when you write your food consumption down during your day, you are more likely to choose the delicious apple over that double chocolate fudge brownie. When I looked over my MyFitnessPal daily tracker I often noticed that I wasn’t eating enough and drinking enough water. The app contains full meals, snakes and beverages from many of the restaurants and chain stores that you may find on the road. Many of my friends also use this app so you are able to follow your friends and create a little fitness community.


Follow these chicks!

My IG, FB, Twitter Fitness Gurus:

It’s amazing to see so many women focusing on their health. For the last year or so, I have discovered a few women that are taking the fitness world by storm and helping others take control of their lives. These women are looking fabulous, keeping their curves and helping many of their followers eliminate excuses. Check them out and see how they can help you to keep going!


Lita is an Australian Certified trainer residing in Brooklyn, NY motivating women across the world with her new training programs, fun and accessible fitness tips and positive spirit.

Photo Credit: Lita Lewis


Recently in Trey Songz new music video, Massiel Arias is an athlete, trainer and nutritional expert who believes that “strength is within every woman to be who she wants to be. All she has to do is behave like the woman she knows she is.”

Photo Credit: Massiel Arias


LA based trainer and mother of one, completely killing the fitness game! If her abs alone don’t motivate you, I don’t know what else will!

Photo Credit: GetFitWithNic

What are some of your fitness tips when traveling?!

Love and Peace, 

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