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Travel Essentials: Compilation of the best travel resources for your dream vacation.

Since the age of 16, I have had dreams to travel the world. Once I had the coins needed to make my first trip, I did just that. I didn’t realize how addicted I had become to the thrill and lifestyle of seeing the world. Theres nothing like the stillness of clear water, and the heat of the sun. I am missing the beach already!

Are you ready to travel on your terms? Check out my staple tools that get me to my dream destinations.


I love to travel! When I am looking for flights, these are my go to sites to find the best deals.
The perfect search engine for travel leaving the US. If you are flexible on your travel dates, Kayak is the perfect place to start. The company’s flexible +/- 3 days options helps you find the best deal around the dates you are trying to travel
This search engine is great for international travel, and you are bound to find deep discounts that you may not have found elsewhere. I have saved hundreds booking flights on this site.
This website searches various travel platforms, but what makes it different is the inclusion of low-cost budget airfare providers that companies like Kayak miss.
Start here for international travel as your baseline starting point. This website has some amazing deal that you don’t want to miss..
Save them in twitter, sign-up for their alerts… just follow them ASAP. Travel deals come and go often, these guys always catch them and alert those of us looking for a deal. 

Hotels and Other Accommodations

Luxury Hotels Hq
My go to source for luxury accommodations for every budget. From large to small leading hotels, this website provides the information that I need.

Airbnb – Free $25 credit when you sign up

Rent a whole house for the price of a hotel room at your destination. For those who like to feel at home when they go away.
If you are on a budget hostel living might be for you. It’s nothing like the movie.. but more like living in a dorm environment with tons of new people.
Hotel booking for the blind… Don’t worry you can get amazing deals here if you bid. The catch is the actual name of the hotel won’t be unveiled until after you pay. The star ratings and locations are pretty accurate. You won’t be disappointed. 

My Favorite Travel Guides

Everyone needs a little direction, these travel guides fill me in on what I need to know before I get there.

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