The Inversion Method | Miracle Hair Treatment or Insanity?

The Inversion Method 
Every now and then, I hear a crazy regimen claiming to make hair grow over 20 inches per year, if you just apply the right products and believe. Well.. I am definitely a believer that science doesn’t know everything. However, some things just seem too good to be true. Although…some hair methods are worth a try.. even if you may look a little crazy in the process.
The inversion method is one that I’m not too sure I will be jumping in on.
This method claims to grow 1 inch of hair in just 7 days. Now if you don’t know, normal healthy hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month. So growing 1 inch in just 7 days is astronomically amazing, and if it works.. I foresee women walking around with REAL ponytails soon.

Here are the rules:

  1. Apply your favorite oil to your finger tips and give yourself a head massage.
  2. Next invert your head.. now this is the fun part. If you are a yogi you can do a headstand, and if you aren’t yoga inclined you can bend over so that blood rushes to your head O_O. Doing this is supposes to increase blood flow to your head, therefore stimulating hair growth. The inversion gurus recommend between 5 – 10 minutes of inversion for effectiveness.
      1. Hang your head off your bed
      2. Sit in a chair & bend at the waist
      3. Get creative 😉

My Thoughts

I don’t think that it would hurt to try it. Massaging you scalp is great for your hair. However, its hard to believe there’s a miracle regimen for hair growth. I believe protective styling, healthy eating and exercise are some of the best ways to retain length and grow healthy hair.
Interested in trying this method? Let us know and we can feature your results! I’m staying out of this one.
What are your thoughts on the inversion method?



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