The Benefits of No Heat on Hair | Spring Protective Challenge

Today begins the beginning of the 90 Day Spring Protective Hairstyle Challenge!

Throughout the challenge I will provide you with tips to stay the course.

Tip: To stay successful on your protective challenge, I would recommend staying away from direct heat. And if you can, just don’t use heat on your hair if you don’t have to!

So What are the Benefits of No direct Heat on your Hair anyway?

Well let’s say you don’t take my word for it…lets hand it over to the experts..

The US National Library of Medicine published a study by the Department of Dermatology and Institute of Hair and Cosmetic Medicine, compared the effects of direct heating products (blow dryers, hair straighteners etc) on hair. The conclusion of the study stated: “Although using a hair dryer causes more surface damage than natural drying, using a hair dryer at a distance of 5in or more  with continuous movement causes less damage..”.

The study suggests that drying your hair with the heating source 5 inches away from your head is a safe alternative to drying your hair with direct heat and perhaps even safer than airdrying! What’s interesting is that heat 5 inches away from your hair, is similar to  heated air drying. Which is pretty much heating the hair around your hair in a continuous movement.

I’ve utilized this heating technique on my hair in the past and I must say it is pretty cool. You will need a hair dryer accelerator, which literally moves around your head while heating the hair around you to dry your hair. It is a pretty amazing device. I used a similar Rollerball Style Hair Drying Accelerator, check me out under the device at a salon visit below:


The research proves using this method to “air dry” is much better than air drying alone. If you do not own an accelerator don’t fret, air drying is the really the best alternative to using direct heat to drying your hair.

Check out the effects of drying your hair photos here

Have you used this method before? What is your favorite method to dry your hair without damage?

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