No Direct Heat Pledge: Hair Challenge


The No Direct Heat Pledge

If you are here you know that heat is damaging to your hair. After months or years of applying heat you noticed your hair just isn’t the same anymore. You hair is experiencing breakage, split ends and loss of luster. But it seems like you are ready to make a change, and give your hair a second chance at life.

If You want your hair to flourish, follow the no direct heat pledge and reap the benefits of no direct heat… your hair will thank you.

 Repeat after me:

  1. I promise to  love my hair (natural, transitioning or relaxed wtc) by avoiding direct heat!
  2. I will not use  a curling iron, flat iron or marcel (including pressing combs)
  3. I promise to protect my hair by utilizing protective styling techniques, so that I can reach my hair goals

Use this rule guide: If it can burn your skin.. it doesn’t belong near your hair

There are some exceptions to the no direct heat pledge: 


  • What if I want to do a wash and go, how will my curls dry? Use a blow-dryer with diffuser attachment on cool. 
  • How do I deep condition my hair without using heat? You can still use heat to deep condition your hair. Invest in a  hard top dryer with a conditioning cap under medium head for 10 minutes.
  • Can I still achieve roller sets? Of course. You can simply airdry your hair. Or utilize a mixture of air drying and low heat under a hard top hair dryer.

I will be doing this challenge for my 6 month hair challenge. I will straighten my hair in June.

Benefits of no direct heat include:

  • reduced chance of heat damage
  • stronger healthier hair
  • learning to take care of your hair without changing your texture
  • retaining moisture
  • moist happy hair

You don’t want to grow your hair out by making hazardous shortcuts, that will not showcase your hard work. The reality is that heat will hinder the health of your hair.


Do you use heat often? If so when was the last time you considered the heat ban?

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  1. Definitely! I have included 2 styles so far on the blog, the quick bun and the tamed curl. The base of all of these styles are 2 strand twists. I will included some new posts addressing styling options this week. Thanks for the question and keep posted on the blog, I will address more to come!

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