Keep Distractions Away For Good: 3 Steps To Get You To Your Goals

The Distractions Along the Way

keep distractions away

Guest Post By: Tiffanee Thompson


They are all around us… navigating through them while trying to accomplish a goal seems like an unachievable task. The New Year gives most of us an immense amount of motivation to make our list, create our vision boards and schedule time in our busy lives to reach the ultimate goal, get in shape! How can we do it? Work, family, friends, the polar vortex and the return of Scandal, all present some level of distraction in our lives. Trying to squeeze in 30 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week becomes harder each day and sometimes the “excuses” are legitimate and other times it is just avoidance. 
When it comes to fitness and health, distractions are often known as the activities or people that pull us away from reaching our goals. I guarantee that most of us know the solution to our own good health but the steps it takes to do it is where some of the problems lie. 
Let’s be honest, working out is not always fun. Choosing that apple over the bag of chips is not ideal but small changes every day can train your mind, body and soul for the better. For me, this year is all about TRANSFORMATION! Leaving all the mistakes, setbacks, excuses and lack of knowledge in the past for good. 
Here are a few tips for us all to incorporate into our lives each day that will help us to reach our goals and become our best selves:

Step 1: Set aside some “me time”

What time of day or day of the week do you have at least 30 minutes for yourself? Is it in the morning before everyone wakes up or at night when every goes to sleep? Decide what the time/day is, set an alarm on your phone and have a meeting with yourself! 

Step 2: Turn it off, Shut it down!

During this time, only turn on or have your browser  open to what you need at the time. If you are going to do a yoga session, make your health grocery list, head to the gym or read up on the benefits of avocado, you should try to make sure you have only what you need in front of you! Remember, it’s a small part of your day and you deserve to give it your all.

Step 3: Be Intentional!

Often distractions are present in our lives because we are not clear about what we want. When you are clear about your goals, you will begin to make the necessary steps to achieve them. Being intentional simply means to allow yourself to focus and ensure that your actions and thoughts are aligned with that goal. 
Many of us are on a personal journey to live smart and to gain more knowledge about how to take better care of ourselves (myself included!). Many of life’s distractions are often things we can either avoid or eliminate completely. Trust yourself and know that with patience, a positive mind and spirit and a plan, distractions will be easy to detect and easier to move away from. It is not the expectation that distractions will magically disappear from our lives; that is not the reality of our existence. But it is important to be aware that they exist and to make it a priority to learn the right skills to navigate through them.
Love and Peace, 

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