Best Hair Treatment Ever: Moisturize While You Sleep

As a woman with incredibly fine dry hair, I’m always on the search for the perfect moisturizer. This typically entails buying various products to test and use over time to that are not guaranteed to work. Not only has this been very expensive, but it requires a strict regimen to uphold. It wasn’t until last year that I decided to use a home treatment for dry hair I had long forgotten about, that literally moisturizes and balances my hair. I literally go throughout the day knowing my hair is getting the best no effort hair treatment for dry hair.
My secret? My cool mist humidifier!

So what is a humidifier anyway?

humidifier is a device  used for increasing the amount of water vapor in the air of a room or building. Most people know humidifiers as a useful way to aid dry skin and congestion in babies. However, adding humidity to the air has vast health and beauty benefits for everyone. In this case, amazing skin and hair benefits that will change your life!
Both cool mist and warm mist humidifiers work to add moisture back to the air. The differences in purchasing decisions are relative to your preferences. I prefer a cool mist humidifier for the following reasons:
  • Consumes less energy
  • Less prone to mold and bacteria
  • Mist won’t burn skin

Benefits of Humidifiers:

  • Adds moisture back to dry hair
  • Reduces static in the air which directly benefits your hair, skin and objects around your home  
  • Soothes skin dryness and itchiness
  • It’s so easy!

Extra Perks:

Eases allergy and asthma symptoms 

My Humidifier Regimen:

  1. I run my cool mist humidifier throughout the day.
  2. Before bed I adjust the humidifier towards my bed so that I get direct benefits while I sleep
  3. Wake up change the water and repeat.
Recommended Humidifiers:

I love the fact that this small investment will last me for years, and all that I have to do is add fresh water, it is one of the best hair treatments that I can do for my hair without lifting a finger!


  • Replace the water in your humidifier daily. Allowing water to sit is prone to bacteria and mold. 
  • Definitely follow the manufacturers cleaning instructions.
  • Perfect for the dry-air dweller!
  • Add this to you hair regimen it is the best home remedies for dry hair

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