3 Steps to Seal Moisture Into Your Locks!

Sealing Moisture into your hair is as easy as 1… 2… 3…. Literally!


My Story

When I first went natural, I was really really infatuated with the dream of what my hair would look like in the future. Going through the process of learning about your natural hair texture can be a real awakening…to the true reality of what YOUR hair is really about. One of the things I learned about my hair is that, it has a tendency to feel dry if left alone, even when I believed I was moisturizing my hair. No matter what the latest trends were in the deep conditioners for natural hair sections of my BSS, I felt I had to re-moisturize my hair often to get the soft feel I was craving. I was applying a little bit of everything to my hair, but not getting the results and the hair retention I craved. But all of that changed once I learned I was applying the products the wrong way, and I needed to seal moisture into my hair.

So what is hair sealing anyway?

Hair sealing is the art of creating a seal that does not allow moisture to escape the hair follicle. 

Rules to Hair Sealing

You will be applying these in layers to the length of your hair. Its optimal to seal your hair on your wash days, when your hair is freshly washed. THIS HAS CHANGED MY HAIR LIFE!
1. Start with freshly washed hair or hair that has been recently spritzed with water.

Water is the only true form of moisture, if water is not present, neither is moisture.

2. Apply a leave-in, moisturizer or creme

Products: I adore Giovanni – Direct Leave In, it is a staple in my haircare arsenal. Or choose your favorite water based leave-in moisturizer.

Avoid products that claim to moisturize, but have petroleum or mineral oil in the  first five ingredients.

3. Apply a top coat of an oil or oil butter.  This is where the oil seal the hair creating a barrier for water to escape and also preventing anything else to permeate your hair. These are the best oils for sealing that have allowed me to retain the most length.

When I want to refresh or re-seal my hair on a normal basis. I reapply water to may hair and use Grapeseed Oil . Grapeseed oil doesn’t weigh my hair down, break out my skin or feel “oily”. Its a perfect sealing oil for the woman that wants to seal her hair often.

Hopefully you will be applying these easy steps with the usage of a protective style, if you are looking to grow out your hair. I have retained incredible length using this method.

How well is your hair maintaining its moisture?

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  1. Your hair looks great!!I really wish it was as easy, with all the time it takes to do all the required steps…but the results are wonderful like you said. Sigh

    This isn't relevant to this post but I was wondering- what is the best way to prepare your hair when you are about to braid it or do a weave? The braiders normally blowd dry it but all the yanking just kills the hair. Help plss ? 🙂

  2. Hey Anon!

    Sealing moisture into my hair takes about 5 minutes max. I think once you get a routine going that works, you can really get everything done in a short period of time. I am learning how to make one style last for 3 weeks with no work in between.

    I will definitely post about this (weaves as protective styles). But I would recommend a protein treatment prior to an installation. And always make sure your braids are fimrly secure, but not too tight! I will definitely be posting the weave post soon. Hope that helps and look out for the post!

  3. I love your tips but do you have any for moisturising and sealing on a daily basis while keeping my hair in a stretched style? That is my problem. Moisturising and sealing causes my hair to revert. Styling to stretch it each night causes single strand knots 🙁

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