Winter Hair-spiration 2014

Marley Twists
This look is inspiring the hair simplicities I crave!
Marley Twists | Natural Hairstyles
Giving me hair life! (Source: Cinni-

Winter Hairspiration for everyone!
Cold weather really makes me reconsider what’s next for my hair!
Last year, I didn’t do too many protective styles… I looove big hair. But I’ve been really admiring ladies that can keep it up all year round.  It is truly a lot of work. Hours upon hours of detangling, and for fine strands like mine… it really does risk length retention. On the other hand, I haven’t had twists a la Solange in a while.. and I think that’s my next hairstyle! I love not “doing” my hair. Is it lazy? Definitely!  Does my hair need a break from the frigid temperatures? Yes mam! But I’m truly going to miss the big hair… I’ll just have to live through all of you!

What are your plans for your hair this winter? What style is your latest hairspiration?

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