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Natural hair Updos Hairstyles

An UPDO is a STAPLE in my book of natural hairstyles!

Updos on natural hair should be a part of every woman’s arsenal of hairstyles. Nothing says lady quite like a nicely pinned coif. There are a ton of styles available to create a great look on your natural curls. So get creative and try an updo today.


  • Can be creative
  • Takes only a few minutes
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect
  • Anyone can do it
  • Temporary protective style

 This is by far my favorite  natural hair updo technique. It is a mixture of the front of my hair swooped to the side, and the remainder (the back and sides) rolled  and pinned up tightly!  I literally just pull my hair back and roll and tuck tightly (if I want it to be a protective style). I just make sure all the ends are not exposed.

So get some hair pins and start rolling and pinning! Get creative, it doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to be you!

natural hair updos
My Updo!
natural hair updos
Example of a possible back. I’ve never rolled mine this way, but I think I will try it next time.


  • A ton of hair pins. (Your pins my vary)
  • Aloe vera gel ( to slick down my hair)
  • 5 mins of my time – THAT’S IT!

Don’t think too much about achieving the perfect updo for your natural hair, just do it! 

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