Protective Natural Hairstyle: The “Tamed Curl”





Look at that shrinkage! Gotta Love it!

The pictures above are a few pics of a go to protective hairstyle for my hair called the “Tamed Curl”. This protective hairstyle is taken from an old twist out.

How to achieve this look

  • Prior to this picture I was wearing my hair in  protective two strand twists. Each twist measured about a 1/4 inch width in diameter.
  • I followed my regimen for protective hairstyles and maintained the look for about 3 weeks.

I extend the life of my protective hairstyles by creating new looks from my hair at its current state. In this case, I am transitioning my hair from twists to the tamed curl. To do this I follow the steps below:

  1. Create bantu knots by misting your hair with water, gathering several twists and pinning them tightly . Bantu knots will create curls that will last several days.
  2.  I air-dried for more than 12 hours including sleep time. (Good Times!!!) The longer you allow your hair to dry the more “tame your hair will be.
  3. When dry, I mist my hair with a water oil mix prior to taking down the rollers to allow it to air-dry. This creates a sheen and moisture that my natural hair adores!
  4. Take down the bantu knots and separate the twists – shaking my head for more volume
  5. Your hands are your friend.. move the curls around to make sure your hair is to your liking.

You’re Done. This hairstyle can be worn for one day, or up to one week. In order to keep it truly as a protective style that will benefit your natural hair, I would suggest wearing it for 3 days max! Your hair will thank you!

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  1. What Products do you use? Shampoo conditioners? do you stay away from products with sulfates? what are your staple products?

  2. I was wondering what you do to make your curl stay for 5 days or even 2. I am natural too but i have been wearing braids/twists for my first year of college so that i don't have to deal with my hair but now i want to learn how to maintain my hair but every time i do a twist out or define my hair it only lasts for one day.

  3. YOu just inspired a new post. When I first went natural one of the biggest mistakes I did was doing my hair daily. Day 1 is usually really defined curls. And I never allowed my hair to get old… untill recently. Having 5 day hair is easy to do when you just leave your hair alone. I hold my hair to the top of my head and apply my bonnet (without ponytail holder). Wakeup then shake and manually shape my hair. The older it gets usually the bigger it gets.. and it does get frizzy but it still loks great. I usually get the most compliemnts when my hair is frizziest because the curl appears more naturally formed. Hope that helps if not email me.

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