Vision Board | Jonae Elizabeth Edition

 -Jonae Elizabeth

Vision Board:

The Project

The vision board project was very motivational and inspiring to me. When the idea was brought to my attention I have never heard of a vision board, however once I figured out what it was I thought it was a great idea. Upon starting the vision board I had plans to incorporate my passions and goals within my present and future life.  As I began to do my vision board, I looked for images that could exemplify the ideals and passions I have for myself.  My boards shows my goals for strengthening my spirituality, furthering my professional career, my fitness and health goals, my hair goals, and my general passion.

The set up:

The vision board starts from left to right clockwise. I began my board with my spiritual quest to strengthening my relationship with as I felt that God is my beginning and end. I moved towards my professional goals: which are to obtain my License in Social Work and to become a Social Worker in which I can continue to work with helping others and the community.  My fitness goals are to just become healthier by eating cleaner and working out more. I also want to focus on working out in order to obtain a more sculpted physique. My hair goals are at this moment to just one learn to love my hair as it is as well as to take care of my hair to be the healthiest it can be. The last section of the board I ended with my personal goals and passions. One of my personal goals is to settle down and start a family. I did not put children because I am unsure of I want any. I also love food and would like to take up culinary arts in the future. I would love to become more adventures and try new activities like hiking, biking and other things. Last but not least I incorporated a picture of myself in the center not just because I am a self centered (lol just a little sense  of humor) but to remind myself that it all starts within me.  This is the just of the board.

The relevance:

The vision board for me put into perspective the things that bring importance within my life. Granted time will change and so will my goals; and thats okay, when it is time I will make another vision board.  The greatest part about a vision board is that it can be whatever you want it to be, short term goal, long term goal, life goals etc. But the point of the board is to have a visualization of the goals you set for yourself.  After making my Board I hung it up in my room right above my mirror in front of my bed, which encourages me to look at it daily. I have found so much solace and inspiration in seeing my goals on a daily basis that it keeps me motivated to working towards achieving every single one. 

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