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I was originally very excited about the idea of putting together a Vision Board once asked, however, I realized very quickly that this is not going to be my typical “To Do List” or Strategy Plan to The Top that I can easily put together.  There were no rules, but we were required to stay within the same 5 topics that we thought was relevant to our growth:
1. Beauty

2. Health& Fitness

3. Aspirations & Passions

4. Personal Life

5. Professional Life

Now this is not required, but to avoid going off on a tangent we focused on these 5 lens areas, and  this forced me to think honestly about what I want to see in my future.  The most revealing part of this exercise is that it allowed me to envision my life the way I want it to be.  The vision board helps you to visualize why you should strive for the highest salary or try to win the lotto, clearly its not to just sit on a pile of money, but to actually do something with it.  It helped me envision what my Pursuit of Happiness is going towards. 
 As a very detailed and professional planner this exercise gave me a new vision.  It helped me to see the dreams in my head on a board, in these photos, which made it feel more tangible and achievable.  I would have to say there are 2 topics that I do not usually attribute much time thinking about for different reasons that I will share.  The 1st is Health & Fitness, just because I thought it was obvious, don’t we all want to be healthy and fit Duh! I forced myself to look up photos of what I that means to me by finding photos that used reflected being mentally, spiritually, and physically fit.  I recognized that, honestly, I am NOT a gym person, but I love the idea of having a toned body and decided to place photos of yoga, ballroom dance and swimming on my board.  These are all activities that I enjoy and that will push my endurance to the next level.  The 2nd topic I had to reach to stretch for inspiration was my Personal Life.  I didn’t think it was going to be challenging at first until I realized that I have always lived my life for me.  Thinking about this section made me reflect on my recent personal development and my future family in a new way. I pondered about; where I want my future children to live, think seriously about adopting and the wife I aspire to be for my husband one day.  Instead of just focusing on where I want my wedding and what I want my kids to look like, which is what I find more typical of my peers and women who think they are ready for these type of commitments. 

“I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is that I can’t find anybody who can tell me what they want.” – Mark Twain
In summary, I believe that everyone should put together their vision board to help see their future.  Mark Twain’s quote is true to my own vision as well, my future, which I thought I had a clear vision towards felt lost when it basically came to subjects, not reality to my career and passions.  I would advise everyone to take a  2nd look at his or her plans and dreams,  stop the auto focus and manually change the view of your life!

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