Fitness | A Set Back is Just A Set Up for a Come Back

Jonae’s Before and After
The Come Back

-Jonae Elizabeth
After continuous thought about what to write about for my first blog entry, I have decided to write about my recent struggle with fitness. I could start off talking about how well I have done on my fitness journey, my results, and what worked for me, but you will get enough of that through out the blog as time goes on. But since this is about my fitness journey and yours too, why not start here where I am now? As a social worker, one of the most important things that I do is to evaluate where the client is today. So in the spirit of social work, that’s what we will do, begin with the present.
Most recently I have had set backs for a few months. As of March of this year, I began my fitness journey for the second time! Granted, I originally started my quest to get fit in 2010, but it was less of a journey at that time and more of a phase as I would crash diet and work out to just lose the weight. To then go back to my old habits once the weight came off. However, this time around I began to shift my  fitness regime to a lifestyle of clean eating, and consistent workout schedules of 4-5 times a week. This was not just a routine for me but it became my life, that is until  October. Around this time, I found myself going back to my old habits of binge eating, eating out daily, and working out 1-2 times a week, if at all.  All the hard work I have done, I can see it slowly diminishing right before my eyes. But after kicking myself for over a month, I remembered a message that my pastor delivered during a sermon struck me; “A Set Back is Just A Set Up for a Come Back”.  I realized that, this is a set back, and I am ready for my come back.  Besides who doesn’t love a great come back?  For those in the same boat as me lets remember its all a process so lets not beat ourselves up, but instead pick ourselves up and prepare for the greatest come back of all times.

What are some of your fitness setbacks? How are you getting through it?

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  1. I really enjoyed Jonae Elizabeth's Story, very inspirational.Being a person who struggles with losing weight Its refreshing to read about how you overcame all your obstacles and accomplished your goal! you look amazing, I will definitely learn vicariously through this success story.I'm loving the motto "a setback is just a set up for a come back" Continue to stay driven! Best Wishes! Cha McCoy thanks for sharing! signed a Girl ON a mission BKA Keisha C!

  2. Hello Keisha, thank you for your feed back. It means a lot to me when others can get any type of motivation, inspiration or just knowledge from my experience. I myself have received a lot of motivation through learning vicariously through other fitness journey. I honestly thinking following fit challenges and other member on instagram working on their fitness help inspire and motivate me to make a change. Weight loss and fitness is an extremely difficult thing for many people especially me. It’s a journey in which is never completely ended. This is why when I heard this quote although it was not in reference to fitness I knew it would be appropriate. One of the greatest challenges I find we have to over come is ourselves, our negative thinking, our disappointment and our guilt. I hope you continue to read the post and the blog as well as continue on your fitness Journey. I look forward to hearing your commentary, as well as suggestion or question surrounding fitness. I would also love to hear about any progress you have made. You are not alone, we are in this together.

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