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“…Beauty isn’t about looking perfect. It’s about celebrating your individuality” Bobbi Brown.  As your beauty correspondent, I decided to dedicate my first post to the cosmetic mogul Bobbi Brown, a true American sHERO. 

I had the great honor of meeting Bobbi Brown recently and received her latest addition to her book collection: Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful”.  It’s a makeup manual for all occasions, and for all women with various lifestyles and hues.  The key to the book is to recognize who you are first, rather than the look.  It includes celebrates and real women of different ages simply explaining what beauty means to them, with a before and after shot of them with their Bobbi Brown makeover.

Bobbi Brown

Ms. Brown received her first major exposure on the cover of American Vogue, as makeup artist for model Naomi Campbell in 1987.  With Bachelors degree in theater makeup and years of watching her mother growing up she knew this industry was for her.  She recognized an opportunity to change the industry.  Always remaining true to her goal, as a makeup artist with over a decade of experience at the time, while in search of a line that allowed her to highlight the beauty of her canvases on her clients, instead of recreating a masterpiece, she decided to create her own line that did so.  This dream to get a flawless, “no-makeup” look that didn’t look artificial is what is honored throughout her line.  The brand has operated  under Estee Lauder since 1995 however Bobbi still remains creative director.

Bobbi Brown products are expensive to the average girl, just using it for touch ups or the typical weekend/club user. I am currently using Skin Foundation SPF 15 which costs $46.00 for 1 fl oz.  It is everything it’s descripted to be: weight Free, very smooth and even, and only a thin coat is needed to give you full coverage.  If used for a cover up of harsh marks, I believe it will work well, due to its hydrating factors but should be removed immediately to allow your face to fully breathe when possible.  The con for me is that since I have oily skin, I do have to powder my face at least once a day during my 9-5 at work, however, I would not call the product oily. 

I also purchased one of the $23 Lip Glosses, I fell in love! Not only was it the best color for me naturally it also gave a hint of shimmer without being too GLOSSY.  It was definitely hydrating. I found myself using it often as chap-stick and had to remember the price and stop! It also covers what every girl is in search for the most when it comes to lip gloss, it was NOT sticky. (Thank You God!)  I give the lip-gloss 5 stars and a 4.5 on the foundation.

Products I look forward to purchasing in the future are the Tinted Moisturizer $42, which should be a great alternate when I do not want to wear full foundation and one of the Shimmer Bricks almost like a bronzer, $39-$42, gives a nice glow and finish look all neutral tones with a nice shimmer are available.

Has anyone else fell in love with Bobbi Brown products?  Explain what you think #PrettyPowerful means to you?

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