Introducing C.A.M.

Name: C.A.M.
Years Natural: 3 years
Loves: Travel, Fashion, Beauty

Ciao Bellas! 
 It would be my pleasure to share my hair journey, skin care maintenance and world travels.  But first allow me to share with you some info about myself.  I grew up in NYC living a modest life, but always felt destined to be someone and do something GREAT ( I am still figuring out what that that will be).  I hate being culturally attached to any one nationality, because I find it more interesting to feel and live like a global citizen!  I have spent my life always confident about myself and who I am, however once I traveled around Europe while living in Italy I actually “found myself”.  I know how ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ that sounds, lol, but its true.  The moment you separate yourself from your family, friends and society expectations of you, whether mentally or physically, you are able to see the TRUE you.  I will share with you my adventures and the new layer of myself that I discovered during each trip.
My passions are fashion, travel, and beauty and when I am in the midst of the 3 its surreal which gave me the urge to sharing my stories and lessons learned with you.  Fashion, style, and make-up reviews are covered on blogs and YouTube, however Black skin seems to be a rare topic of discussion.  In contrast, women of other ethnicities have a wide variety of YouTube videos on their skin regimen possibly equal to what Black women have on hair.  This lead me to wonder, is it because we typically do well in the skin department? Well you know they say “Black Don’t Crack”, but is there truth behind this saying? While women of other nationalities may have the long and flowing tresses, women of color have the skin of a goddess’ naturally. It is my challenge to be able to share with you what I learn on my journey to achieve long lasting beautiful skin to match my naturally gorgeous hair.

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