We All Try.. And Sometimes I Fail!

Picture: September 2011. So this is my first press of the year, and I definitely missed the mark. But I knew going in it wouldn’t be pretty.

We all have hair goals, and I am no different. I started this year hype! Eager to grow my hair to amazing lengths, highest level of health and all while wearing protective styles. But let me say this, the first 5 months were great.  Although within those 5 months things didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

Remember the pic above? My growth earlier this year, and do you see my picture from this month? Well… I can clearly see, I didn’t get much further in my hair goals than I did in March.  My goal was to hit waist-length, and it was a stretch but my failure was sooo worth it. Between now and my last hair check, I have rocked so many cute hairstyles. I cant imagine not cheating a little bit. My hair has been known to even out in length (grows in layers) before all of my hair makes dramatic changes in length. I am still aiming for waist length and I do not feel defeated. The reality for MY hair is that, protective styles are key for my retaining length. In fact, the summer seems to be the worst time for my hair. Since my hair is naturally so light, it dries out from the summers brutal sun. My skin loves it, and my hair breaks from it.  My biggest lesson and hair goals for next summer: BUY HATS THAT FIT OVER ALL THAT HAIR!

The most interesting thing about finally straightening my hair is that I missed my fro. My hair seems very “thick” while its curly. But once straightened it is so fine, that I wish my hair would swell a bit. I guess going back to my no heat challenge will benefit me most after all.

Ahh.. well there’s always next summer. As for now, I’m going to work on mixing protective styling with hairstyles that keep my hair stretched. Waist length will come eventually! This is the longest my hair has EVER BEEN in my entire life, and its healthy and strong.

So how did you do with your hair this summer? Did you meet all your goals..?

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love your hair! And it's funny because I just straightened my hair on Sunday for a length check from my 7-month grow out challenge. Our hair is the same length! And we share the same goal: waist length. I've experienced similar feelings about missing my curls. I see girls wearing their natural texture and I miss the bigness of my hair, too. It's been so strange having my hair straight for the first time in 7 months. I was so looking forward to it, but it's more of a pain to maintain than I remember. Now that it's my third full day of wearing it straight, my hair doesn't feel as healthy as it does when it's curly (and my hair was very healthy before straightening). Thanks so much for sharing your journey! Check out my pics when you get a chance: http://www.forhisglorynatural.blogspot.com. I only did a light straightening because I was afraid of heat damage after going without heat for so long! lol. Be blessed <3

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