Wash and Wear | Natural Hairstyles

Wash and Wear – Perfect for the newbies
aka Shake and Go
aka BE Free
I am all about quick hairstyles, that don’t require too much time!

Wash and Wear Natural hairstyles
My Last Wash and Go – 2009

You will need:

  • Your best natural shampoo (because I only use shampoo 1 – 2x per month I use organic products)
  • Your favorite conditioner
  • Leave in Conditioner – imperative – Reduces crunchy hard hair!
  • Curl Styler Product – Choose a product that provides a great hold for curls.

Some quick directions for this style:

  • Wash your hair and apply leave in conditioner.
  • While your hair is soaking wet apply your styler through your hair. (Curl Definers. Puddings etc)
  • Coat every strand with product.
  • Smoothing along a section as you go with your fingers. (I like to use my index and middle finger to smooth product through my hair.)

Methods For Drying

  • Allow your hair to air dry – This will take several hours, possibly even a whole day. IF you choose this method it is better to do it during a warm day.
  • Sit under a dryer – I would recommend about 40 – 45 minutes
  • Or use a diffuser. 15 – 30 min

Either way you hair will have some shrinkage.

Do you like wash and go hairstyles? What products work best for you.

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