Natural Hair Tools : Low Manipulation Hair Care

Keep it Simple! My Favorite Natural Hair Staples:

Check out my favorite tools for low manipulation hair care. These items are the basis of my natural hair routine.

My Hands – Natures Perfect Comb
I try to avoid using a comb ever time I wash my hair and instead use my hands to do most of the work. I enjoy feeling my hair instead of relying on the comb to tell me what to do.

Microfiber Towel – Dry your hair gently with a high quality microfiber towel.

Sheer Stockings (Say What?? YES!)

Hanes Silk Reflections Women's Silky Sheer Control Top Reinforced Toe Hosiery 3-Pack, Barely There, AB

I cut an old pair length wise and create my own “ouchless” ponytail holders. I prefer tying it around, because I can create better tension by tying it myself.

Satin BonnetThese are the only bonnets that seem to stay on my head all night. I only use the bonnets with the smooth edge and not the ones with a scrunch like appearance.

Domed Hair Dryer – Useful for deep conditioning, roller sets, wet sets and more!

What are your favorite hair tools that help you keep your routine simple?

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