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Detangle Natural Hair Styles

Today’s Friday Quick Tip Isn’t So Quick, But Much Quicker Than Other Methods!

How To Detangle Natural Hair

One of the biggest lies that has been spread about natural hair, is the thought that it is hard to manage. And by hard to manage “they” mean hard to comb. And while I wont get into the fact that the combs that we all are familiar with were created for straight hair, boy they are so wrong. That was a rant wasn’t it? I digress… here is how I detangle natural hair.
I have to admit looking at my hair when it is in its most knottiest and tangled state, creates an instant feeling of laziness. There is a method that recommends actually detangling your hair dry, slowly and meticulously detangling section by section by hand. I tried it, and lets just say these fine strands were all over the place. Can you say breakage galore? Many people rave by this form of detangling, but i find that it is too much manipulation. I have tried nearly every method of detangling my hair, and honestly only one method works the best for ME most of the time.
What I do agree with is that detangling natural hair with your hands initially is very important. The days of  initially detangling with a comb and ripping through the strands of my hair has officially ended. The best detangling method that I have experienced has saved me my time, my sanity and most importantly my hair. And I will share it with you.


  • Water/Shower
  • Hands
  • Deep Conditioner 
    • I love Aveda Dry Remedy Conditioner. Ever since my hair cut at Aveda, I have been in love!! My natural curls just eat it up! You’ll love it I promise.
Step 1. Pre-Moisten and Separate
  • I apply a rich thick conditioner in my hair and separate in fours (Important because I wash my hair in sections)
  • I finger comb through my hair, the best that I can. If there are any tangles left we will take care of those later.
  • I two strand twist each section then prepare for part 2.

Step 2. Shower
  • When I step into the shower I unravel one twist at a time
  • Apply more conditioner and search for the tangled areas
  • Stand directly under the shower head with a medium to heavy flow ( of warm water) and allow the water to flow through stands as I smooth sections and comb with my hands.
  • You should notice knots falling down the shaft of the hair and loosening through your hair.
  • Reapply conditioner and use a wide tooth comb to further detangle making sure the knots are thoroughly removed. (Starting from bottom and going up)
  • Two StrandTwist or Braid, and move over to your next section

Some people find that  just having their hair wet makes detangling easy, but I prefer running water.

I continue through all the sections of my hair, and then proceed to wash my hair. Water truly is the BUSINESS. Not only does it moisturize my natural hair, it cleanses and detangles it as well!

How do you detangle YOUR natural hair?

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