Grow Old With Me! | How To Get 5 Day Hair

Grow old with me!  The best is yet to be.  ~Robert Browning
5 Day Natural Hair Styles
My 6 day OLD hair! No effort! Frizzy curly fun!
When I first went natural, it wasn’t the most popular thing to do. In fact no one was starting “fresh” like I was. So to set an example, I promised myself that I would always keep my hair “done done” aka fresh to death aka well maintained! I did my hair every single day. There wasn’t a day that passed that I wasn’t “creating” with my hair, and I must admit I was proud of myself. Fast forward to two years later, and I was over those days of doing my hair every day! I started contemplating ideas about how to NOT do my hair. So along came the braids, the weaves, the twists, and anything that would allow my hands to be free from my mane!
The problem arose when I really wanted to wear my twist and braid outs. Having one day hair, was not going to cut it. And one summer night unbeknown to me, I went to bed without twisting or braiding my hair. I woke up afraid and horrified at what I would have to encounter to get my hair looking fresh again. But lo and behold, I woke up a little disheveled but not so afraid. Yes, my hair was mashed down and not as crisp as it was the day before. But by gosh, my hair had grown (in height and fullness)! And with a little manipulations and a few jolting head shakes later, I had a fly, flowy, wavy head of curls! Pow! I repeated it again and each day as my hair aged it got a little bigger. Allowing my hair to age, really showcased the distinctiveness of my hair and looked original and more “natural”.
Since then, I loathe the perfect coils of every twist from my twist-out and covet the “natural” curls that erupt from the ever so light frizz of my “old” hairstyle. I usually get about 5 -7 days of this glam flowing ‘du before most of my hair loses the curl pattern.

So let your hairstyles age, you may be surprised by how fabulous it turns out!

Here’s what I do to maintain my old hairstyles:

  • I hold my hair on the top of my head and apply my bonnet
  • Sleep
  • Wake up & remove bonnet 😉
  • The shake my head in a “no movement” a few times
  • Then manually maneuver my curls with my hand downwards
  • Again its not suppose to be perfect, natural curls aren’t perfect
  • Enjoy the frizz and  the textures that arise — At least I do
  • Walk out- and be fabulous!

 My mantra is to live! Not to live worrying about your hair.

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