Curl Friends | They Are All Around You!

 “A friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself.” – Jim Morrison 
Curl Friends supporting each other.
Angela Davis and Toni Morrison – Such a great photo!
Wonder what they are talking about.
At a time when women  are portrayed like they just cant get along, there seems to be a pivotal change  of reality I see among women on a daily basis. Living in a city like New York, welcoming eyes and friendly smiles from woman-to-woman are so foreign, that when it does happen it seems a bit strange. But I must say women are becoming much friendlier to each other and one of the biggest icebreakers that I have seen is hair. Yes hair! There is a heightened sense of community and togetherness that I have never witnessed.
There is a community building among women who are natural, women who are transitioning, and women who are admirers of natural hair. It amazes me that something like hair is bringing women together in ways that has never happened before. In general, going natural is usually a choice inclusive of women who move to a similar mindset regarding  haircare, self-esteem and beauty. Aside from the normal banter I notice more and more women finding a common solace; the familiarity of the enigma that is our hair. The natural movement is definitely spreading and within familiar circles, friendships are fostering changes that may not have been possible before. From my experience, going natural on your own can be rough when you haven’t seen anyone go through the experience firsthand. Yet being a beacon of  natural curls definitely has its impact and influence within your personal circle; don’t be surprised when your friends join you. 
A curl friend can be anyone that supports you, shares a sentiment with you, compliments you, or even those who criticize you. All of these people really help to define your thoughts, your passions and your confidence about your hair.  My curl friends are a great support system for me. They gave me the confidence I didn’t know I had, and pushed me to continue on this path. So let your your hair down–literally! Smile and walk proudly because if you don’t, you may find a curl friend reminding you. Besides, you are inspiring women and you don’t even realize it.
So when you see another women  looking at you, you may find that it comes from a good place. You will find the occasional stare or glance is usually accompanied by a smile, and most times a conversation.  So as you discover the trials and tribulations of your crown and glory, remember you are not going through it alone. 
Discuss: What has your experience been with curl friends?

RN edit: I decided to repost this because it has been such a reoccurring experience for me. For those who are reading it for the first time, discuss and share below!

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