Wear a Sew-In You Can Be Proud Of! Pt 1: Prep

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I love the opportunity to put my hair away and create a new but temporarily fabulous look!

A sew-in is an extension of your hair and should be treated as such. Your sew-in should be pampered and loved. And therefore when purchasing, you should choose hair that matches your texture (If you are getting a partial weave), and the hair should be of great quality (avoid cheap hair).

Prep Your Hair Prior To The Installation
  • Give yourself one month to get your hair in tip-top shape. You want to avoid opportunities of breakage and unnecessary dryness.
  • Alternate either weekly or bi-weekly; with moisture and light protein treatments
Products for moisture Elasta DPR-11, Your Favorite Moisture Deep Conditioner
Protein TreatmentsGiovanni Smooth as Silk Protein Treatment, Aphogee 2 min Treatment (love those)

Acquire A Skilled and Experienced Weavologist
Questions you should ask yourself when deciding who will install your hair. Yes there is a whole vetting procedure.
Who do I know that has a great weave? Do I know their stylist?
Look around your neighborhood, check out the malls, friends and friends of friends. Ask around for the number one hairstylist that focuses on hair health and does a great installation.
When you see the girl with the beautiful gorgeous extensions, how does her hair look when she takes them out?
If you see a girl with a hot sew-in today, and 2 months later after the install it doesn’t look like she has much hair. I would avoid asking her stylist for the hook-up!
If you have the rare opportunity to touch and look into someones weave, take it! With Permission of Course. Or watch the stylist do an installation.
Check it out! Look out for how tight the braids are.  Is she ripping through the hair or taking her time. DOES IT LOOK NATURAL  O_O ? Do you want your hair to look like that? Is she braiding too tightly?
I think I found someone to do my hair through a recommendation, now what?
Again if you have time, I would observe their work. I often know if I would want to go to a stylist based on the things I see they to do other peoples hair.
Wow the stylist does great weaves but her hair doesn’t look too healthy.
This one is a little bit more difficult. Under most circumstances I would say run. But for a weave installation, if she is gentle and does the job well, I would rely on myself for everything else maintenance related.

Things You Should Look For in a Potential Stylist
  • Experience – So how long have you been doing this? Only 2 months? And you’ve never had or done weaves prior? — Run lol
  • Pictures – Does she have an album of her work? Look for albums showcasing not only the style, but the base (the braids) of the weave.
  • Consultation – Most excellent stylists will take a look at your hair before they take your money for an entire installation. If they don’t truly evaluate you hair prior to installing, perhaps they don’t care too much about the health aspect of your hair.
  • Reputation – Most great stylists have customers that keep coming back for good reason, and are usually fairly busy and booked up. So if you find one checkout how busy they are, then get an appointment as soon as you can.

Check Out Part 2… Coming soon

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