Quarter Life Bucket List

The audacity of she to reign, to conquer and to accomplish her wants and dreams! The main purpose of this blog is really about challenging yourself and going  after what you want. I recently saw the movie, The Bucket List, about two guys who are close to death who conquer and accomplish their dreams before they well — die. Although I am not planning on leaving this earth quite yet, I do have some things I would love to do before I reach the death of my youth!  Why wait until it too late to go after what you want. I challenge you all to write your own list. Your list doesn’t have to be as boring as mine, there are no limits!

I am trying to get all of my loved ones to create a list as well. You never know, you may have similar goals and you could possibly cross an item off together. There’s nothing like sharing a moment, or a dream with a person you love.

Here is a very small selection of my “bucket” list

so in no particular order my partial  bucket list (it’s always growing…)

  1. Constantly step outside of my comfort zone ( I am a naturally shy person) 2014 – present
  2. Splurge on a big item I want – with no recourse 
  3. Get the body I have always wanted – toned legs arms and a 1 pack stomach 🙂 in progress
  4. Healthy mid-back length hair – for once in my life – in progress reached reached in 2012 then cut
  5. Very Small Tattoo? – passing thought
  6. Travel to Thailand this year  visited in 2015 on my solo round the world trip , again in 2016 solo
  7. Reach my 800+ credit score  – in progress
  8. De-clutter my life
  9. Become fluent in Spanish and French
  10.  Take Singing Lessons
  11. Act a fool/silly without the thought of repercussions
  12. Take the GMAT in progress oy vey
  13. Learn to do “The Hustle” dance
  14. Read the Bible cover to cover
  15. Kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower – i went to the eiffel no kiss though 
  16. Create a documentary or 3in progress
  17. Take an acting class
  18. Create a blog
  19. Learn Piano — again
  20.  30 day trip around the world  yassssss
  21. Move across the country
  22. Change careers –   2016

What’s on your list?

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  1. Loves your bucket list! i did one once, maybe I should post it. i love things like that.. bonne chance on ur bucket list and Thailand rocks!

  2. My bucket list(not completed in no particular order)
    1)Start a non for profit org
    2)Go sky diving
    3)Learn another language preferably Spanish and maybe also sign language
    4)go zip lining
    5)crash a wedding
    6)take a camping trip and go hiking
    7)Own a house
    8)make a video and put it on youtube
    9)get married
    10)read the whole bible
    11)run in a marathon
    12)Learn to drive
    13)learn some type of sport
    14)complete my masters
    15)participate in a rally

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