Mini Twists: My April Protective Style

Mini Twists
My Mini Twists

Hey Ladies.

Just a quick post about my protective style for the hair challenge. MINI TWISTS! I cant believe its been 4 months! I decided to do mini twists in my hair. It took me a very long time to complete, and unfortunately I am already ready to take them down. Who knows how long that will take…. lets just say I am having dreams about big buns!

Mini Twists

They have been a great way for me to get up and go! Each twist is about the density of a string of yarn (most of them). Those are not free falling curls up there they are all twists!

Maintenance: Wet and rinse with water ever 3 days and seal with a leave-in conditioner and oil.  This is my hair with shrinkage while in the twists. Thats it! I love that I don’t have to do much to keep these looking good.  If you keep these up they can last you a month or more. Unfortunately 1 month is the longest I can personally do without my hair dreading.

Ease (1 to 5) : 4 They are really easy to do. They are just very time consuming. I completed my hair in intervals over a span of a few days, but they could easily be completed in a one day. Its worth it when you don’t have to do your hair for a few days.

Styles: I wear these up in a bun, pushed to the side, ponytail, down or whatever I can think of!

Mini twists are great for any length!

I’ll add a few pics in another post with better shots of the twists.

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