Time to Get Beach Ready!! | Countdown – Week One

Summer is right around the corner and if you haven’t started working on your fitness goals — you still have time!
Source – Can I have those abs
If you aren’t big on working out. Try this light workout to get started for week one!
1. Power Jacks for 2 Minutes
2. Pushups /Modified Pushups  – Man Up!! 2 Reps of 15
Do as many as you can with perfect form. Once it gets sloppy stop!
3. Mountain Climbers – 2 Min
 4. Lunges – 30 reps each leg
5. Plank – Hold for 90 seconds
Repeat these exercises in order 3 times. 
Do this every other day. 
This is week one! Look how easy that is! Now get off your butt and lets go!

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