The New Way To Wash Pt 1 – Learn it today to avoid heartbreak tomorrow

We have all been taught to wash our hair this way:

  • Piling hair on top of your head
  • Manipulating your hair as a whole
  • Not keeping your hair in one direction

Glamourous isn’t it!

But trust me when I say the only thing that will get you is:
  • Matted Hair
  • Breakage
  • Time Wasted
  • Loss of hair retention

If your hair is shorter then 3 inches when stretched you can get away with this for now. But Pay Attention!

For the rest of you:

Do This instead! Wash your hair in sections…!!!!

Check out this *limited time* video that shows my prewash regimen that I do on my wash day. It’s not glam AT ALL.. and I had just woke up! Don’t Judge Me! No… Seriously LOL! 

Once your hair is in sections wash each section in its braid or twist.

sidenote: In the end there a part that says: Watch your ends –> just means make sure you aren’t snagging or ripping through your hair as you braid.

Be on the lookout for Part II.. “The Wash”

Have you had any difficulties with knots, tangles or matting when you wash?

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