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 I know at times you may not see the beauty or the confidence you want to exude, but fake it anyway! I know there have been plenty of days where I thought I looked crazy, but I walked out side smiling. To my surprise I kept getting compliments and smiles on the one thing I thought was a mess –my hair! I’ve learned that true beauty really does come from within. As cliche as that may sound its true! Be Confident! No one else will believe you if you don’t.

So if you just big chopped – Walk out side like you already attained your goals. And if you are feeling frustrated about your hair or your body or whatever it is that has you feeling down — Smile anyways. Sometimes its less about the problem itself and more about how we feel about ourselves.  

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  1. thank you so much for this encouraging, short but sweet, blog post!! We all definitely need to hear this whether you just big chopped or have been natural for a longer period of time. I know I get frustrated sometimes with my different textures trying to figure things out but I do realize that I need to work with my hair, not against it! Thank you for reminding us that we also need to work on radiating goodness from the inside out as well 🙂


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