Newly Natural – The Twist Set

Big Chopped Recently? The Signature Twist Set

The Lovely Jessica – Newly Big Chopped

A wonderful friend of mine recently big chopped. A signature style that should be a staple in any newly natural woman’s life is the Twist Set. This set requires very little skill to get started, although as always practice does make perfect. The greatest part of this hairstyle is the ability to have two hairstyles in one,  extending your style once your twists become old.

1. Wash your hair as usual.
2. Towel dry until your hair is damp but not drenched with water
(Invest in microfiber towel – godsend for your tresses)
3. Apply a leave-in conditioner
(I love: Giovanni Direct Leave in)
4. Section a  small section of your hair, I would recommend selecting a section with your hand. Sans parting with comb.
5. Comb through the section or with a comb and smooth on a  “hair styler” of your choice. This maintains the hold of the twist.
(Styler: I love Garnier Fructis Style – Sleek and Shine: Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk)
6. Begin 2 strand twisting the sectioned hair.
(Right over Left until you get down the length of your hair.)
7. Move on to the next section
8. Voila!!

When you get tired of this look and/or your twists get old or frizzy. Just unravel for a defined curly fro.

Work it!!!!!!!!

Thanks Jess Love The Hair

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