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I went away for the weekend with a twist-out set. In order for this to be acceptable for protective styling challenge I had to maintain my hair in ways that didn’t require much effort or readjusting.

Lets just say I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my hair, so what did I do? I made something up! One of the greatest benefits of having natural hair is the ability to create standards rather than adhering to standards that don’t exist. Think about it, when you hair is relaxed there are only certain styles that your hair can do that people recognize as acceptable or normal. Get too fancy and people get confused about what’s going on. Fortunately for the naturally curly ladies, no such standard exists. Why? Because people already have no clue what’s going on! When your hair is sticking on top of your head, or you do a hairstyle never seen before, people wont have the ability to judge its normalcy (within natural hair “standards”). So creating something can be fun, and with some added confidence people will believe it’s a signature style.

One of the hairstyles I did was literally some quick pinning and shake. At this point in the game, I don’t worry so much about the style itself as long as I am comfortable walking out the door. So next time your hair isn’t behaving, just try something and leave. Remember there are no hair standards for natural hair, other than naturally fly!

Okay so my hair wasn’t creatively groundbreaking, but hey what could you come up with when you only have 2 bobby pins?

I didn’t touch my hair much after I pinned it up.
Creative Natural Hairstyles
Those few pins were holding the life out of my hair!

Ever just made up a hairstyle when you didn’t know what to do to your hair?

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  1. Stunning!

    Please could you do a step by step tutorial for twistouts/braidouts? Would be v helpful. Thanks!

    Abii x

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