More Hair, More Problems….

A hair in the head is worth two in the brush.  ~Oliver Herford (and may I add a pain in my tush! -reignelle)
Short Hair – Love it while you can!
Lately I have been having some interesting times with my hair. Unlike most ladies in the blogosphere, I would really like to share all aspects of being natural. It’s not all great, and its not all easy but it is all worth it! I am six years in, and at times you would think I had about 6 minutes in to this experience of natural hair care.

Over the years doing my hair has definitely been a learning experience, but overall it has been somewhat reliable. I often reminisce about the old days, when my hair was easier to deal with. Once upon a time when my hair was short. Really, “short hair don’t care” is a great time in your natural lives. Everyone is so excited to have long hair, but do you realize the work that goes into it? There are so many years of experience that goes in to having long “natural” locks. When your hair is short, you are able to slowly grow into the changes in your hair. I know so  many people that wish the hair fairy would come in and drop 16 inches on their scalp. And they truly believe the stars will align and fab hair will immediately be produced. Reality check! If you couldn’t find time to manage those 2 inches of hair, imagine 16 inches of it! Growing into your hair is the best advice I could give anyone. If you don’t have the experience, I would suggest you to keep it short.
A quick word of advice for long transitioners, based on my experience. I was a very long term transitioner. By waiting years to grow your hair out (by hiding your hair), you are losing out on valuable experience. Period. Yes, your afraid of wearing your hair out. You’re not comfortable with the length. And sure, your hair is growing out wonderfully with the weaves, braids and wigs. But guess what? You are inexperienced. So now when you finally decide to wear your hair out, you will have a very large learning curve waiting for you. I call it the curve of quitting. All of your fellow big chop naturalistas have been through several hundreds of hours of one-on-one training learning their hair. And you just have the experience of waiting for your hair to grow. Now instead of learning about your hair in its fun and easy state (while its short), you have to learn the hard way with more hair to screw up! Most likely the hair you waited for over a “2 year period” will be damaged once you start working on it, due to your lack of experience. And your hair retention will probably be minimal. Of course there are many long time transitioners who excel at this point, but many do not. At the end of the day, its best to just get it over with. Chop it off and enjoy it! Really!
ReignElles Top 5 Reasons to Enjoy Short Hair
5.  Time – Short hair means less time caring for your hair. Less time washing, styling, detangling and more time living! Hello!
4.  Money – You save money on products. Less hair means less product. Which results in more greenbacks in your pockets. 
3.  Hairstyles are often consistent – Short styles are easy to recreate again and again. When your hair is longer, your hair prepping may not always give you the exact same look every time.
2.  Patience – When you first chop your hair it is in its optimal health and you usually have a ton of energy to deal with your hair. I had all the patience in the world back then and I would style my hair every day. Now you couldn’t pay me to do my hair every day. Okay okay maybe your could, but it would have to be  A LOT.
1. Knowledge –  You get to learn the in and outs of your hair. What works, what you love, and slowly adapt as your hair changes. Experience is key and will keep you on the right path if you stick with it.
But…. Truth is…
Your hair will change over time.. it has magical powers… so appreciate it! I love the enigma that is my hair, but trust me there are days that I wish I could just cut it already!

Do you appreciate the hair you have (in its short state), or are you wishing and praying for instant gratification of long hair?

If your hair is long, do you agree that more hair produces more hair problems?

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