Monkey See, Monkey Don’t : I Want Her Hair!

…and when it doesn’t work out!
She Can Do No “Hair Wrong” In My Eyes! Love Her!

“I Wish My hair Would Look Like That.”
Sound familiar? I think we all have our hair idols and  a favorite curly we wish our hair could emulate.
Ever seen some fab hair on someone, and asked them how they achieved their look? You listen diligently, follow every step and for some odd reason you hair looks nothing like what you saw?  I know I am not the only one! One of the gifts and curse about natural hair is that it is so marvelously unique. That is not to say that you can’t achieve the look, but most likely it will naturally be unique due to your hair!
Wishing and using every magic product on the market will not make your hair transform into someone else. You have to start loving the hair you have. So the next time you see a hairstyle you like. Ask how and make it your own, remembering the limitations of what your hair can actually do. Being realistic and knowing your hair is what makes any style unique!
So get to know your hair, and focus less on achieving what someone else has! They don’t call it a journey for no reason!

How well do you know your hair?

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