Mid Challenge Check In | 6 Weeks From The Last Length Shot

Mid Challenge Check In!
So its Been 6 weeks since my last “before” pictures. And I will admit doing protective styles can be a challenge at times. But I am seeing results slowly but surely. The biggest challenge for me has been washing weekly with twists or braids. Doing this is definitely the IDEAL thing for me although after doing it weekly I get sick of it. But over the last month I wanted to try something new (i got real lazy). I did a twist set for two weeks, then created the tamed curl  from my old twist. This together accounted for 3 weeks of several alternatives with one set of twists. And it looked great. The problem is my hair started to become very tangled and hard to detangle manually.  Lesson: Don’t keep twist in for more than 2 weeks if you moisturize often. As a result I am avoiding detangling my hair, which has become a major issue due to shedding. This is already feeling like a disaster waiting to happen. And I will never do that again!
I took some pictures of my hair taken from an old wild, knotty braid out and stretched a piece as much as I could for a length shot. It’s only a small section, but I did what I could. I used the sweater with the striped lines and pulled my hair from my back (not an easy feat when your hair is a bush, and your arms aren’t very long). Each line on my sweater is 2.25 inches. Since the last check-in my hair seems to now cover the black line, it partially covered it before.
Before my hair was mid black stripe. After my hair reached end of black stripe.
 I wasn’t able to grab a big chunk this time around so I am measuring only a small section. I still was able to get somewhat of a length shot from behind. In June I will truly be able to see the fruits of my labor or the disaster of a lifetime!
From this point on I will work on doing my protective styles once per week. I plan on doing a real detangle session in the next few days tomorrow. Protective styles have kept my hair breakage free, and although it may not be the most glamorous looking, it has surely helped me.  I have three more months until I straighten my hair for my 6 month check in.
If you are doing a challenge of your own. I hope you have taken your pictures, and I look forward to hearing about your successes.

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  1. Great progress Cuzo!!! Keep it up one inch at a time. Looked at my Photo from when I cut my hair in July need to do a comparison photo to for you.

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