Lets Be Honest | I Like It Rough But My Hair Doesn’t

Her Hair Inspires Me To Do Right!

Most days I would say I have a very low tolerance for the small intricacies of hair care. So protective styles often protect me from myself. I have a dark secret though, I really don’t mind the idea of raking my fingers through my hair and hearing the strands pop off. Gasp!!!! That’s the truth, but with this new goal I know it would be impossible to continue this bad habit. Yea I know I sound crazy!

Being nice and gentle is time consuming. We all know raking a comb through quickly may get the job done, but doesn’t help your goal of optimal health. I remember taking out a single box braid for four minutes! That resulted in me avoiding box braids altogether. Yes, I get frustrated sometimes too! Sooo that came off as a rant didn’t it? LOL

What has been you biggest frustration when dealing with your hair? It’s okay it’s not all peachy, but its worth the trouble!

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  1. frustrations? plenty! the time to carefully comb the hair or detangle it, trimming etc
    2. then cos i am in Nigeria…i have to cope with ignorant comments from people(why did u cut ur hair, u look mad (yes someone said that to me this morning and my hair was in a neat fro), this hair is not nice, so when are u making your hair?*is my hair not made alredi?*) 3. coping with dryness after hair -drying and finding products in Nigeria suitable for my hair. 4. The short hair after the big cut….
    But imma survive, cos ur hair is such an inspiration

  2. "so when are u making your hair?*is my hair not made alredi?*)" – Sigh I remember getting those comments and it makes me smile – but it was "So when are you getting your hair DONE" lol. Coping with dryness for me is a daily struggle, especially when my hair is free and "out".

    One thing that I have learned is that for some reason, no one really like natural hair when it is short. Or how about most people who don't like women with short hair. So when you combine being natural and having short hair — there's a frenzy! But don't fret! Enjoy all the struggles with your hair now, and enjoy the length. When you look back you will miss the ease of taking care of it. And as your hair grows out, you'll notice all the people who made questionable remarks will start to have a change of heart. Just Keep Going! I'm here with you so keep it up!

  3. When bad hair days arrive. Take the time to still thank God because he made u just the way he intended for you to be so why change…….

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