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Every year women around the world make new years resolutions to get fit. The problem is most of us never get past January 31st. In honor of our fallen sisters, here are some tips that will work. If you are serious about losing the bulge around your waist, you’ll love the tips I am about to share.

Before you think of doing a crunch.. your diet is the most important aspect of losing inches around your waist.


Getting started – Lite Version

1. Cut the carbs out 6 days a week – Meaning no carbs except for once a week ( I choose Saturday, the day I will most likely go out to eat)

No carbs includes:

  • Breads/ muffins/ cereal/ fried (flour battered)/ rice/ pasta
  • Chips/ popcorn/ etc

if you have to ask, most likely you already know you shouldn’t be eating it

2. Have veggies with every meal 

3. Drink half your weight in ounces of water. Drink only Water, Unsweetened Tea & Coffee, Avoid sugar substitutes
If you weigh 120lbs you should be focused on drinking at least 60 ounces of water per day.

4. Add Lean Protein to every meal – Chicken Breast…  Fish ( Avoid fatty Salmon )..  Beef.. Black Beans.. Egg Whites

My mom has lost over 7 inches and 10 1bs. I have lost over 1.5 inches around my waist by doing these simple things, over the last 3 weeks. It works.  
I will post pictures of the changes my body has overcome. About posting that.. I am scared I cannot lie! I may wait another month or so lol.

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  1. I guess I need to alter my diet. I've been eating cheerios in the morning with skim milk, but cutting out rice and bread in my diet. So, if I can't eat cereal, what are some other options I might have? I thought not all carbs were bad, you just had to eat them within reason.

  2. Hey You!

    No not all carbs are bad. Whole grains are great! But Carbs are not great if you really want to lose inches around your waist. You can eat them once per week, but aside from that they WILL hinder your progress. For the people who don't have carb issues, I am sure they don't have belly issues either.

  3. I would cut out fruits altogether EXCEPT the one day per week when your allowed to eat whatever you want. I have seen major results with avoiding fruit and breads/pastas etc. Having the one day per week to cheat has saved me and made me realize I don't need it.

  4. Hi just strolling through, cutting carbs does make you lose weight because you cut the amount of water you store BUT you don't loose fat. So if this is a temporary fix then fine but it won't last forever 🙂

    I just studied this for an exam

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