How To: Invisible Braids On Natural Hair

How to: Invisible Braids on Natural Hair:

I love anything fast, EASY and cute!  I have been doing this invisible braid hairstyle since the beginning (2005). And it hasn’t failed me yet.

invisible braids natural hair styles
2007 – Braided roots – HAIR STRETCHED

Invisible Braids allow for a cute style that can be worn whether it is air dried, shrunken, stretched, SHORT, long or huge!

2007 – No  Parts Showing
Invisible braids natural hair style
Now – Braids Not Showing

How to:

  • Invisible Braids are accomplished by making small box braids throughout your entire head. 
  • Make sure they are tight but not so tight that they pull the root of your hair.
  • You only make  the braid about a half to three quarters of an inch from your scalp!
  • I would make the parts about a quarter inch in width for a longer wear or smaller if you can manage.
  • Do it yourself (best way to get in touch with your hair).. or find your favorite braider to complete the style

The braids can be pretty invisible, based on the parts you make. As you can see in several of my photos you can barely tell my hair is box braided.

Its pretty fast because all of your hair is not being braided. Just the roots! I braid my hair myself and do it in front of the television; time just flies by. (Approx 60 – 90 min) It lasts a month!

This style allows you to wet your hair often. I usually have no reason to detangle my hair, Just wet (apply my favorite styling product) and airdry..  Your options are endless!

Quick Wash and Go 
No Tangles
Easy Wash | Easy Dry
Shrunken Fro
Big Afro
Protective styles  are possible
Can do anything you can do with your loose hair with less breakage!

Shall I go on….?

Try it.. let me see the pics!

What do you think? Hit the comment box.

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  1. Love this style! Question: How do you get the braids to stay in and not unravel? Also, do you add any hair to the braid or just use your own natural hair? Thanks!

  2. Hey C,

    Your braids shouldn't unravel if your washing your hair properly. And by properly I mean in sections. (i will be making a post about that) Occasionally one or two may become loosened, but if they are braided firmly you should be okay. No there is no need to add any additional hair, its all you for this hairstyle. Hope this helps!

  3. Hey,
    Great idea! I just dread the amount of time it will take to get that done, esp since my hair is just shoulder lenght when streched. It looks sooo cuteeee

    Any ideas for hairstyles that are in sync with the corporate world? I would really appreciate that, I have no clue what to do with with hair except for braids *Sigh*

  4. Hey Anon!

    Thanks for checking out the blog.
    It doesn't take much time at all. You should take the time to get to know your hair, plus a few hours once a month wont kill you. Try it, it will last you a while. Or you can go to a braider to get it done.

    I have always worked in a corporate environment (finance) and these hairstyles were never an issue. Confidence is key. I will definitely feature more styles. Don't worry about what everyone else thinks until you take the first step. Just do it!

    I will def. add more hairstyles in the future.

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