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Quick Tip of the Day

Dilute your shampoo.

Best Shampoo Tips
Best Shampoo Tip Ever!

How I use it:

I put about 4 tablespoons of the best natural shampoo I can find into an applicator bottle (large) and fill it up with warm water and shake.

Buy an applicator bottle from the beauty supply store or Amazon.


  • You get more bang for your buck.
  • Loosens the shampoo; helps spread product throughout your hair easier
  • Allows you to target your scalp
  • Less concentrated; less of your natural oils being stripped out of your hair  (LESS DRYING)

ReignElle’s Tip Of The Day : Don’t like your shampoo watery? Add a pinch of salt and watch your shampoo thicken!

Quick Answers to those questions you haven’t asked yet:
Yes your hair will sud
Yes you hair will still be clean

Have a wonderful weekend!

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