3 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Short (And How To Get Your Hair Pass Your Shoulders!)

Why is your hair short
3 Reasons Why your hair is short
So your hair is growing, but it never seems to get pass your shoulders.  I have been there and so have so many other women with naturally dry afro-textured hair ( relaxed or natural). But the truth is, your hair does not have to be short. You CAN grow your hair out (if that’s what your looking for), even those of you who have never had “long” hair. If your interested in making a change and challenging yourself to get past these 3 reasons your hair is short:

3. Your hair is dry

Dry hair is the main culprit for breakage. Your hair needs water. Period.  If your hair isn’t getting enough, your hair will be prone to damage. It took me a long time to realize this, and my hair suffered for over a year with minimal length retention. “Going Natural” with a hair care mentality of a relaxed person killed any chance of  growing my hair.  Maybe its just me, but when my hair was relaxed water was the enemy.

Mistakes that lead to Breakage:

  • You don’t wash and condition your hair enough
  • You don’t moisturize your hair with water between washes

Easy Solutions:

  • If your hair is not in its optimal shape, I recommend weekly/bi-weekly deep conditioning
    • Products: Giovanni, 50/50, Smooth as Silk ( I add coconut/olive oil )
  • In between washes mist your hair daily ( if in a “out” style  you don’t want to shrink). 
    • Create your own spray : 
    • In an 8 oz spray – Add 4oz water,  2oz aloe vera juice, and 1 oz of coconut oil

2. Friction

 When your hair starts to reach your shoulders, this is where most women usually stop seeing growth. The reason is due to the friction between the oldest parts of your hair, and the friction it meets at your shoulder. Just think: you hair is rubbing shoulders against some big obstacles: the elements ( weather) and the most harmful your clothing (cotton, polyester etc). That creates friction, that promotes dryness and breakage! 

There is an answer!

When you hair begins to reach your shoulders:

  • Pull your hair up! Create a bun or a ponytail! 
  • Start doing protective styles! Anything to get your hair up and away!
  • Moisturize your ends. Apply a water based leave-in conditioner, then seal with  a heavy oil (coconut, olive)

And the most important reason YOUR HAIR IS SHORT is……

1. YOU!!!!!

You are your biggest hair enemy. Longer hair begins with you. Lose all the thoughts about what your hair did in the past and concentrate on what your hair can do in the future. Believing your hair cant’ grow is truly a mental road block that beats so many women!
Tell yourself today that you can have whatever you put your mind to.. including your hair! Don’t let anyone including yourself stop you from reaching your hair goals. The only reason your hair is short is because you allowed it to be that way!

Have you ever wondered why your hair is short?


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  1. Sorry if that wasn't clear. For example: If you wash your hair every Sunday, you would make sure you wet you hair with water between Monday and Saturday of that week.

  2. I met Reignelle on the subway. I had to comment on how fabulous her hair looked. So glad she referred me to her blog. Im an older women returning to my natural hair is an exciting journey. Thanks Reignelle for the tips on mosturizing and curling.Would love to see clear photos of natural styles and also beautiful hair ornaments.

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