Protective Styles Need Love Too..

Protective styles

Protective styles are great ways to keep the hair you have.
Things I noticed once I added water to my hair while in a protective hairstyle:

  1. Protective styles retain Moisture!!
  2. Defined Curls
  3. Protective styles lead to less manipulation and less Breakage
  4. Protective styles will result Less Knots in your fragile hair

Some of these things seem obvious, but it wasn’t for me. Lack of water leads to dry, breakage prone hair. I recommend wetting your hair at least every 3 days… more often if possible.  

How often do you wet your hair while in protective styles?

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  1. Rae, all of your articles are great! You answered a lot of my questions. I will start wetting my hair every 3 days now. I am curious to know what you would rate my natural curl pattern. I still think I need more time for my pattern to develop. It's only been 3 months since the big chop. But, thanks for the info. It was really helpful!

  2. My curl pattern didnt come out for me for a long time. It took maybe a year or so. But its also due to the fact that it wasnt getting enough moisture to do so. Glad I could help! And if you have more questions bring em in… CLICK FOLLOW ON THE LEFT PANEL!

  3. so rae, considering that my hair is still quite short (2months BC), are there any protective hair styles i can do w/o having to add weave to my hair? or do i just do go and washes till my hair grows out? i feel like wetting and manipulating my hair every day day is holding it back from maximum growth!

  4. Hey Natacha,

    You actually have quite a few options:

    From a protective hairstyle position: Since your hair is still short you can wear your hair out, and still not worry about breakage as long as its moisturized and you keep your hands away.
    There are style options. Have you considered two-strand twists? You can wear the twists as a hairstyle for a week or so (keeping them moist of course) then, unravel them as a twist "out" for a different look for another week. You don't need weave and you can do this look with all of your hair. While your hair is in the twists you hair will appear shorter, which may be different then what you used to. But don't fret its a new look, that looks great. You should try it out.. don't like it.. hit me up Ill give you a new idea.

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