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As much as I hate segregating hair into categories, it always helps to have an idea of where you fall in relation to others. By examining your hair properties, you can learn a lot about the Do’s and dont’s  for your hair texture, or at least find a “hair twin” that can help you figure some things out.

I have several different textures throughout my hair. When I first went natural I was shocked at all the things happening on my head, and it was a bit overwhelming. My hair is 3B/c in the front and nape of my hair, while the crown of my hair is a cottony 4a. And as thick as my hair appears it is an extremely fine texture, that is extremely fragile. My hair shrinks almost 90% above my ears, if I allow it to. Because of this I almost never allow my hair to shrink because it produces unneeded tangles and knots that result in breakage.

My Hair types broken down:

3B/C –  Which I call the loosened kinky curl – Applies to the very front and OLDEST parts of my hair

  • Typically spiral/corkscrew shaped and defined in nature. The curls width can range between a pencil/straw.
The Front Part of My Hair. Notice the corkscrew pen-size curl.

4A –  kinky, or very tightly curled, with a clearly visible curl pattern – The mid section of my hair

  • The curls have obvious definition, but are very fragile
  • With shrinkage up the wazoo! My hair shrinks over 80%
My hair in 2007 – It has shrunken to my ears, and my hair is a little longer than shoulder length.
Notice the densely packed individual curls.
This picture represents the first time I wore my hair out completely. Prior to this I had always done a twist-out or anything to stretch my hair out. This was my hair naked, shrunken and honest! It felt good, and forced me to exude confidence.

My hair is fine ( the actual hair follicle is thinner than average), but also thick! My hair is an Enigma. My hair looks huge when worn out… fro, twist-outs, braid-outs etc. But my actual twists and braids are always skinny and leaving little to be desired due to how fine my hair is. I love it nonetheless.

Whats your texture like?

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