Its My 6 Year Natural-versary!!!

Hair Circa 2007 – When I really started wearing it out

 Today marks an instrumental point in my life, I have been natural for 6 years. During this process I have grown into the most humbled, “self-explored” and disciplined person I have ever been. It hasn’t always been that easy, but I have been determined not to deter from this amazing journey. These past years I have grown so much, and its amazing how I can account much of this from my hair journey. Who knew hair could do so much? 

This day also marks day1 for quite a few more journeys in my life. I have so many goals and aspirations, but somehow they never completely reach a level I am comfortable with. I can face the facts, I GET TOO COMFORTABLE. From this day forward I will be setting new hair, fitness, finance and personal goals. So in reverence of these goals that I have set for myself, I also challenge others to have the Audacity to Reign over all challenges that they face this year.

Let the journey begin.

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